Thank you for your interest. I teach in Port Orchard, WA and the surrounding areas.

Most of my public classes are at Mountain Yoga and Pilates:
Located in the Bayside Plaza,
510 Dekalb St.
Right off of Bay Street in downtown Port Orchard.

Enter the building through the glass doors under the
MOUNTAIN YOGA AND PILATES sign and walk up the stairs. The door to the studio is at the top of the stairs.
Come on in and check out my classes! Drop-ins are WELCOME!
For class schedules go to my schedule page.

Every month I send out a monthly intention letter.
A newsletter, that sets the intention and focus for the month, including a focus pose or poses and philosophical heart-oriented theme that helps support this.
It is important to remember these focus poses are meant to be just a little bit out of our reach and not to get disheartened. Through proper alignment and using the support of other more accessible poses we work to achieving the best pose our personal bodies with allow. Remember this is a yoga "practice" not a yoga "perfect"

You can sign up for the Intention Letter here:

Anna can be reached directly at:
or Call Anna: (360) 633-5346