prego belly

Yoga has been a part of my life since I was fourteen. It has always been there for me in many different stages of my life and I have come to rely on it deeply, but the most tangible and profound stage was giving birth to my children.

prego bellies at sunset
During the birth of my first child I had childbirth classes that were invaluable to me and I had a wonderful midwife that supported me and answered my questions. But it was the consistent practice over a period of time that allowed me to feel that knowledge in my body; what it was like to tap into a needed boost of strength and energy, how much power and importance focusing on the breath was when those moments feeling inadequate and uncertain came up. As a first time mother I loved the community of other expecting mothers that the Yoga Classes provided. We were celebrating an event in our lives that was truly life transforming but at the same time as normal and natural as feeling the earth under our feet and taking a breath of fresh air.

bellies in L pose
parsvokonasana bellies

In the prenatal yoga classes, we will prepare our bodies as well as, prepare our minds for this great event of giving birth; helping the well being of the child as well as the mother.

Yoga helps us decrease most of the symptoms of pregnancy that causes discomfort, such as back pain, constipation and swelling of the ankles. It improves the circulation and helps digestion as well as strengthening the uterus and the pelvic muscles. Yoga increases flexibility and endurance, as well as an overall strengthening of the body which will be tapped deeply during the birth process. Most importantly it brings our awareness to the power of the breath. The breath is the bridge to a fulfilling experience of birth for the mother and child. It brings us into the present moment and helps us to deal with our natural fears and pain of child birth, and most importantly letting us tap into that inner most essence of being a woman and mother.

pregnant tree pose